Welcome to the website of the South African National Arts Therapies Assocation

What is SANATA?

The South African National Arts Therapies Association (SANATA) is the professional Association that represents the interests of arts therapists and the four arts therapy professions – art, music, drama and dance movement therapy across South Africa. It supports the growth of the arts therapy professions in South Africa in partnership with key stakeholders, the public and international Associations.

Our vision

We envisage the arts therapies as vibrant, growing, evidence-based and relevant professions in a South African context.

Our mission

To strengthen and develop the arts therapies through:

  • the facilitation of collaborative advocacy, lobbying, research and training;
  • the provision of support, information, professional development and networking opportunities for members;
  • the development of mutually beneficial relationships with international and local bodies.


Our objectives

The objectives of SANATA are:

1    To contribute towards the creation of an enabling regulatory and operational environment for arts therapies;

2    To build and develop a responsive learning Association that provides quality services to its members;

3    To remain informed about professional requirements of practice and other legal and statutory regulations;

4    To maintain a high standard of excellent and ethical practice of and training in the arts therapies in South Africa;

5    To constantly strive towards making the arts therapies relevant in the political, economic and social context of South Africa and Africa;

6    To strengthen the professional voice of the arts therapies at the HPCSA and with other professional bodies in South Africa;

7    To build a strong, inclusive,connected and collaborative community of arts therapists across the country;

8    To explore avenues of growth and development for the arts therapies that result in greater job opportunities for its members;

9    To stimulate, coordinate and oversee a collaborative research agenda that results in an increase in relevant engaged research for quality publications reflecting the experiences of arts therapies practitioners, clients and communities in South Africa;

10 To build and maintain strong international relationships to keep the voice of South Africa arts therapies alive in the global space.