Art Therapy

Art therapy (also called art psychotherapy or analytic art psychotherapy) is a mode of psychotherapy in which creative use of various physical materials to produce images and objects is integral to the therapeutic process. Art Therapy focuses on the making, manipulation and interpretation by client(s) and therapist of visual images, objects and materials (paintings, drawings, constructions etc.) in the presence of the art therapistin a safe setting. The image, object, material process is not considered simply a symptom, but the means through which the subjective and objective nature of the client’s experience is connected, mediated, explored, and integrated.

In general, Art therapy aims to restore or enhance the client’s functional competence and emotional balance in a way appropriate to their life context. Art therapy is effective for individual, group and family work, may be directive or non-directive, and ranges from short term interventions to long term therapy. Art therapy is context-sensitive and aims to be appropriate to local conditions as far as possible.